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Station XI The Story of RAF Carnaby

This book tells the story of RAF Carnaby and the contribution that it made during World War II.

It gives a detailed account of how one small airfield saved the lives of countless airmen from all corners of the British Empire and beyond. The airfield also held a secret, known simply as FIDO, which helped pilots to land safely in extreme weather conditions. This secret installation was only installed on 12 airfields in the whole of the British Isles. It was expensive and dangerous, but was worth every penny, without it Britain may well have lost the war.

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Station XI "Call Up Carnaby"

The story of Station XI, RAF Carnaby, continues with more true accounts of aircrews that needed the assistance of this small emergency landing ground. It also recounts the stories of those who did not quite make it. Some had to ditch their aircraft into the North Sea, others had to bail out. Some were eligible to join unique clubs, such as The Goldfish Club or The Caterpillar Club and others were awarded Medals of Honour.

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